Below are some external articles relating to animal welfare, environmental conservation, wildlife crime, etc. All (hopefully) useful for stats and referencing for campaigns, fundraising, or just getting into arguments with folk.

Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 (UK Parliament)

Animal Feed Regulations (England) 2010 (UK Parliament)

Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, Amendment Regulations 2012 (UK Parliament)

Animal Welfare Act 2006 (UK Parliament)

Animal Welfare and Wildlife – email alerts (UK Parliamentary updates and announcements)

Animal Welfare and the Three Rs: Replacement, Refinement and Reduction (Understanding Animal Research)’s%20for%20web1.pdf

Animal welfare in Scotland: A review of legislation, enforcement and delivery (OneKind)

Animal Testing in Cosmetics (European Commission)

Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999, Breeding of Dogs Act 1991 and Breeding of Dogs Act 1973 (UK Parliament)

Crustaceans and Their Capacity to Experience Pain and Suffering (OneKind)

Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (UK Parliament)

Determining the Extent of Use and Humaneness of Snares in England and Wales (DEFRA)

Ending Primate Experiments: Meeting the Challenge (BUAV)

Ethics of Using Animals in Research (Oxford University)

Fish Intelligence, Sentience and Ethics (Animal Cognition)

Helping Animals through Welfare Science (RSPCA)

Hunting Act 2004 (UK Parliament)

Natural Thinking: Investigating the links between the Natural Environment, Biodiversity and Mental Health (Dr William Bird, for RSPB)

Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925 (UK Parliament)

Pet Animals Act 1951 – Amended 1983 (UK Parliament)

Primate Code 2010 (UK Parliament)

Protection of Badgers Act 1992 (UK Parliament)

Riding Establishments Act 1964 and 1970 (UK Parliament)

Scientific Review of Non-Animal Tests for Cosmetics (BUAV)

State of Nature – 2013 (Collaboration between 25 research and conservation organisations)

Victims of Charity: Report on Animal Experiments by Cancer Charities (Animal Aid)

Wildlife Crime in the UK (World Animal Protection)

Wildlife Tourism in Scotland: Value and Opportunities for Growth (Tourism Intelligence Scotland)



If You Build It, They Will Come (my own article for Charity Careers Scotland)


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