Sting of the Day: Nottingham ‘barbaric’ badger killer Paul Tomlinson jailed

A man who killed two badgers in a “barbaric” attack using two dogs has been sent to prison. Paul Tomlinson, 29, from Nottingham, filmed the attacks and discussed it on social media, in June 2014.

Tomlinson, of Melford Road, was jailed for 20 weeks and banned from keeping dogs for three years, at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court.

The RSPCA described Tomlinson’s actions as “barbaric” and would not be tolerated in modern society.

Dog in a cageThe RSPCA said the dogs sustained injuries in the fights too

Tomlinson was charged with two counts of wilfully killing or attempting to kill a badger, contrary to the Protection of Badgers Act, on 5 and 23 June 2014.

He was also accused of keeping three Lurcher dogs for use in connection with an animal fight, contrary to the Animal Welfare Act.

Magistrate Pam Draper told Tomlinson: “You kept and trained dogs for fighting, enabling them to kill the badgers.

“You videoed this happening and posted it on social media and the dogs sustained injuries.”

Dog being led away by RSPCA officersTomlinson was also charged with keeping Lurcher dogs for fighting

After the sentencing Mike Butcher, RSPCA’s chief inspector, said Tomlinson went out to “deliberately attack” animals.

“That can’t be tolerated. In this day and age it’s a barbaric way to pass your time – it’s amazing how many people do this and how prevalent it is,” Mr Butcher said.

“It was organised, it was thought about, so that should always contain a jail sentence.”

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