Take Action: Urge Home Secretary to act on dog fighting

A new report commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports shows that, despite being illegal for over 150 years there is still a dog fight going on somewhere in the UK every day.


Dog fighting is incredibly cruel. Organised dog fights can last up to five hours with horrific injuries sustained by the animals involved. Those that don’t die during the fight are often patched up using crude methods including supergluing torn ears or stapling wounds closed.

Cruel training methods involve putting a smaller ‘bait’ animal – often a cat or a rodent – just out of reach for hours whilst the dog strains against a tether. Eventually, the tether is removed and the dog set on the bait.

Dog fighting is one of the most barbaric forms of animal abuse that still takes place in the UK. It should have been confined to history alongside bear baiting and cockfighting, yet it still takes place every day.

You can make a difference by contacting the Home Secretary Theresa May asking her to take action on dog fighting. Simply fill in your details on the League’s online form and you will be taken through to a template letter.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Take Action: Urge Home Secretary to act on dog fighting

  1. You just need to look at fox hunting. This continues. Dog fighting badger baiting continues. The repacutions if caught are low fines. The chance of getting caught is none due to the fact law enforcement treat it as a low crime.


  2. Do you see all those as the League’s failing? It’s an interesting point but I know the League have been working against fox hunting tirelessly for decades and are at the forefront of current lobbying and campaigning efforts to encourage the Scottish government to review their outdated legislation. They were massively behind the vote against repealing the hunting act in Westminster. They’re a small organisation but from what I can see their work is constant in these areas. It’s a lengthy battle – look at the might of RSPB and its attempts to prevent raptor crime, and look at the number of raptors being slaughtered. At the end of the day these organisations are charities, with limited resources and generally small numbers of staff and volunteers. In the case of fox hunting they’re fighting against institutions going back centuries… and let’s not forget dear old Cameron and how much he just loves riding those horses around. I’d say the League are one of the best organisations to take on tackling these massive issues, and I see very few other charities trying to do so. Rather than arguing about their effectiveness I would suggest we get behind them and help them achieve what we all want to see – a total, outright ban on all cruel sports.


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