Take Action: Penguins to be exploited in Christmas high street celebrations

Captive Animals’ Protection Society are asking people across the UK to take action for penguins this Christmas.

As we move towards the festive season we see decorations, bright lights and hear Christmas songs when out and about in our busy shopping centres and high streets. Sadly, what we are also seeing is the exploitation of live animals.


On the 12th of December on Sidcup High Street, live penguins will be used in a ‘meet the penguins’ event as part of the ‘Sidcup Sparkles’ Christmas event.

Wild animals like penguins need very specific care, habitats and space to be able to live life to the fullest. Penguins used in events like this are exposed to large crowds and noise which are both major stressors for animals.

As well as welfare concerns, using wild animals as a form of ‘entertainment’ sends out the wrong educational messages to the public, in particular children. Animals like penguins do not belong on a high street in the UK and this event does nothing to teach about conservation or respect for species and habitats.

Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) are asking people to contact the organisers today and ask them to cancel this part of their Christmas event!
• Email the organisers party@lollipopevents.co.uk (feel free to use/amend the template provided)
• Tweet them
• Post on their facebook page
• Share Captive Animals’ Protection Society’s campaign page (http://www.captiveanimals.org/rudolph) on facebook and twitter
• Make a donation to CAPS so they can tackle more events using penguins, reindeer and other animals this Christmas

This year, CAPS have received more complaints from concerned members of the public on the use of wild animals in Christmas events than ever before. You can view their interactive ‘Rudolph map’ here to see the events that are happening near you, which is being added to daily.



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