Happy Bonfire Night! PS. A quick word about critters…

As we all know – and can no doubt hear – tonight is Guy Fawkes night, which means bonfires are being built up and down the UK, and fireworks let off left right and centre.


Bonfire night can be a lot of fun, but often the four legged creatures lurking in our gardens and green spaces can sadly get forgotten about. There are also thousands of pets up and down the UK who will be drugged up to their eyeballs (Ed: Feliway does not constitute animal abuse) as they are so terrified of fireworks.

If you are having, or attending, a fireworks display or bonfire tonight please, please take a moment to consider any animals nearby, which might be affected.

Some key tips to remember:

  • Before building a bonfire, check under any woodpiles for hedgehogs and other small critters. The little guys are partial to nesting in there.
  • Keep bonfires well clear of any trees or bushes which might be harbouring birds or other wildlife.
  • Consider any pets you have in the home, or which your neighbours might live with. Are they likely to be nervous of fireworks? Can you take steps to keep them calm?
  • Ensure all pets have their collars and ID tags (if they have them) securely fastened. Pets can occasionally run off on fireworks night so it’s vital their information is up to date. It might be too late now – but is your pet microchipped?
  • Be mindful of any outdoor pets such as rabbits or birds in aviaries which might be in the surrounding gardens. Can they be taken inside?

By following a few quick checks, we can all make sure Guy Fawkes is almost as enjoyable for animals as it is for us. Sort of. Have a great night!



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