Take Action: Tell the UK Government to ban the keeping and trade of primates as pets

Thousands of primates are being confined in UK homes. Marmosets, capuchins and squirrel monkeys are among some of primates being kept as pets, destined for unnecessary suffering in an unnatural environment. Many of these animals have been found to be socially isolated and kept in cramped and barren conditions.


Primates are intelligent, social and long-lived animals. There are no circumstances where a primate would benefit from being kept as a pet. The welfare needs of primates can never be met in a house, shed or garden cage and that these complex animals are unsuitable companion animals. 15 European countries have already introduced bans on keeping primates as pets, for either all or some species.

Please take action today, and call on the governments in the UK to follow and introduce a complete ban on the keeping and trade of primates as pets.

Sign the petition here: http://www.four-paws.org.uk/projects/apes/the-plight-of-primates-being-kept-as-pets/petition-tell-the-uk-government-to-ban-the-keeping-and-trade-of-primates-as-pets/


4 thoughts on “Take Action: Tell the UK Government to ban the keeping and trade of primates as pets

  1. Signed and shared on Facebook Laura-Jane.

    Whilst working for an animal rights charity in Manchester, I learned a lot about this issue. The poachers do it for peanuts and the traffickers/crime rings/gangs get paid in the billions! It’s akin to the class A drugs trade. The animals suffer intense agony and many die in transit (due to suffocation/broken limbs/backs etc) or within the first year in the home. They upset our delicate ecosystem and end up starving to death (if people get bored and set them ‘free’) and they are spreading diseases to our human population, pets and children. They suffer immensely due to inappropriate diet/environment (bone problems etc) and they lead a desperately lonely existence and basically end up going insane (mental, emotional issues etc etc). This is a massive money spinner for organised criminals and people are buying into it! Wild animals belong, guess what? – as the name suggests – in the WILD!! This needs banning ASAP!


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