Probe launched after red squirrel shot in Lockerbie

An investigation has been launched after a red squirrel was shot in the south of Scotland.

red squirrel

The animal was discovered dead in a field near Lockerbie on 21 September.

A man carrying an air rifle over his back was seen in the area close to where it was found at Gallaberry Road, near Torwood Road.

The Scottish SPCA and Police Scotland have appealed for help in tracing those responsible for the crime.

An undercover inspector with the animal charity’s special investigations unit said a post-mortem examination confirmed the squirrel was shot.

He added: “A male suspect was seen in the area cycling with what is believed to have been an air rifle or similar in a gun slip worn over his back.

“He is described as being of stocky build and was wearing a camouflage hat and jacket.”

Red squirrels are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and it is a criminal offence to kill or injure them.

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