Take Action: Ask government to renew wildlife crime funding

The UK has one of the world’s leading policing teams tackling wildlife crime; the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU).

Its funding is due to run out in March 2016.


It is vital that the Government continues to fund the Unit so it can maintain its battle against wildlife crime. IFAW are asking people to write to Rory Stewart MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Environment and Rural Affairs, and ask him to continue funding this vital unit.

Without the NWCU, wildlife criminals may get away with their heinous crimes: wildlife smugglers drugging live animals and stuffing them into suitcases for the illegal pet trade … merciless poachers using domestic animals to illegally hunt and kill our native wildlife … traffickers using the UK as a through-route for cruelly obtained ivory.

The work of the NWCU is of paramount importance. Without it, more criminals will go undetected and more animals will suffer. But the unit’s funding is only secured up until March 2016. So we need to act now to make sure that it’s able to continue its vital work well into the future.

Contact Mr. Stewart today to urge him to make sure the NWCU is funded from March 2016.

Please hurry – the Government’s spending review is already underway. And we want to make sure they receive as many messages of support for the vital NWCU as possible.

Thank you for acting, and thanks especially for your commitment to protecting animals around the world.


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