Take Action: Campaign to end non-stun slaughter

Millions of animals suffer as a result of slaughter without pre-stunning. Animal welfare organisation Slaughterhouse Reform has launched a new campaign calling for an end to this cruel practice, as well as clearer labelling so consumers can make more informed choices about any meat they buy.

Yorkshire Pig on Grass

Chickens, sheep, cows, pigs and ducks are just some of the hundreds of millions of animals farmed for food in the UK each year. Every animal is an individual and they have the capacity to suffer. Slaughterhouse Reform believe all farm animals should be reared to high welfare standards and killed under the most humane conditions possible.

As long as intensive farming practices, long distance transport and non-stun slaughter is permitted, the group calls for clear and compulsory labelling on all meat products (fresh, frozen and processed) that allows concerned consumers to be able to find out:

– how an animal was farmed

– their country of origin

– how they were killed (stunned or non-stunned).

The campaign is supported by RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming.

To demand better conditions for animals bred for slaughter, click here to sign the petition to DEFRA.


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