IFAW launch campaign to protect wild animals in Scotland from cruelty

Following the recent successful delay of threats to the Hunting Act in England and Wales, IFAW are now calling on stronger protection for animals in Scotland.


When the UK Government recently tried to wreck the Hunting Act for England and Wales, we heard a lot about how this would bring the law in line with the ban across the border in Scotland.

That’s no reassurance for animals though, as protection for wild mammals in Scotland could be substantially improved.

Incredibly, despite numerous allegations of illegal hunting, there has never been a successful prosecution of a mounted hunt member under the hunting laws in Scotland?

IFAW are asking for help now to strengthen animal protection laws in Scotland.

As an added bonus, this would also scupper the UK Government’s claim that by amending the laws south of the border they are simply trying to bring their provisions in line with those in Scotland.

As a bare minimum, IFAW want to see the laws in Scotland match the current Hunting Act in England and Wales, with provisions that would make enforcement easier (such as the number of dogs allowed to be used in some exemptions.)

They are asking members of the public to contact our MSPs and urge them to tighten up the laws in Scotland.

Illegal hunters prosecuted south of the border for hunting offences can often get away unpunished by claiming false alibis, such as ‘trail hunting’. IFAW also want to see this addressed.

To take action today and tell your MSP we demand better protection for wild animals in Scotland, click this link.


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