Scottish SPCA appeal to re-home 27 Shetland ponies

The Scottish SPCA is appealing for horse lovers with big hearts to help re-home 27 tiny Shetland ponies.

Freddie, one of the 27 Shetland ponies which an animal welfare charity are trying to rehome. Picture: PA

The charity took the small ponies into its rescue centre in Aberdeenshire as their previous Scottish Borders-based owner could no longer look after them all.

Staff at the charity’s centre in Drumoak now want people to come along and meet the miniature mustangs in a bid to find them new owners.

Centre manager Graeme Innes said: “These ponies arrived in our care together and we now have the challenging task of finding them all new homes.

“They may be little ponies but we have some really big characters. Rufus, for example, has proven to be a very cheeky boy who will follow people around the field to get a treat and a scratch.

“Casper would be a great pony for a child to groom and cuddle as he will happily stand all day for some attention.”

He added: “Shetland ponies can make wonderful pets but they should never be re-homed on a whim.

“We would ask anyone interested to consider the costs involved in equine ownership and carefully think whether they have the time and resources to care for a pony.

“If anyone is interested in our Shetlands we would be delighted to hear from them.”

Anyone who can offer a Shetland pony a new home is asked to contact the Scottish SPCA’s Aberdeenshire centre on 03000 999 999.

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