Huge fundraising push for cat found in ‘horrific state of neglect’

Kind hearted staff at a veterinary practice have pitched in to fund treatment for a cat which was found in a terrible state of neglect.

The cat, which has been named Beau, was found in Kings Moss on July 8 and taken to Medivet in Billinge.

Veterinary nurse Faye Lakin cares for Beau

Head veterinary nurse Faye Lakin explained: “She had horrific growths on both front paws. The rescue centres couldn’t take her as they were chock-a-block and couldn’t pay for her treatment. It was suggested that the best thing to do was put her to sleep.

“But as they were telling me this she was purring and rubbing herself against me. I couldn’t do it. She has such a lovely temperament. I had a discussion with the person who brought her in after making the decision to try and find money for treatment. The family said they will take her in once her quality of life has improved to the point when they car take care of her.

“So far we have raised around £355. Medivet, which is a large company is based in London, said they will match whatever we raise. It will give her another chance at life.

“On our Justgiving page we have set a target of £750. If we have any money left over at the end we will donate it to animal rescue centres. We want to let people know it will be going to a good cause.”

Faye said Beau is around two to three years old and is responding well to treatment.

“Her teeth are in quite good condition but she came to us with fleas and severely anaemic. She was also malnourished. In all my time working in a vets I have never seen anything like it. One of the growths was bigger than her paw and she kept falling over to the side.

“The growths were caused by her body trying to fight off infection. At the moment she is still with us as she needs her dressings changed regularly. She looks like she’s wearing boxing gloves.

“It’s overwhelming how nice people have been. Anyone interested can keep up to date with how Beau is doing via our Facebook page”

You can donate via to help fund Beau’s treatment at

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