Take Action: Dogs still die in hot cars

Nobody ever thinks it’s going to happen to them or their dog, yet every year many people still gamble with their dog’s lives, and every summer dogs still die in hot cars.

In just a few minutes, even on a cloudy day with the windows open, the temperature can soar dangerously high. Just put yourself in your dog’s position and ask yourself how you’d feel about being trapped in a hot car, how frightening it’d be.

This year, RSPCA have partnered with seven other animal welfare charities and the National Police Chief’s Council to warn people of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars.

The above image is a recreation of a real life incident in which a couple who’d been shopping and returned to their car to find their dog had died.

Since so many incidents occur in car parks, RSPCA are harnessing the power of the consumer to help prevent dog deaths. Supermarkets have a duty to ensure that when animals are on their premises, their welfare is being protected and if not, that action is taken.

The charity is urging supermarkets to commit to:
– displaying one of their new campaign posters at the store entrance to warn customers about the dangers of leaving dogs in warm weather
– training customer service staff on the correct steps to follow if a dog in a hot car is reported
– making customer announcements over the speaker system on warm days, that dogs should not be left in cars

Retailers have a responsibility to protect all those on their premises, dogs included. Please urge your supermarket to help protect dogs this summer.

*** Email your supermarket now ***


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