Take Action: Puppy farming in the UK

The RSPCA has launched a campaign to crack down on puppy farms. The charity has expressed growing concerns about the way puppies are bred and sold like commodities, with little or no regard for their future well being.

Tricolour Border Collie pup

Puppy trafficking is big business. Dealers are exploiting the lack of enforcement of current laws at our borders and making huge profits bringing over large numbers of highly sought after pure bred and fashionable crossbreed puppies from other EU countries.

Many of the puppies being imported travel in poor conditions, are too young to be removed from their mothers, and have not been vaccinated against disease as the law requires. Some puppies die in transit and many fall sick or die shortly after purchase leaving their owners heartbroken and lumbered with huge vet bills.

Puppy dealers often go to extreme lengths to make their illegal operations appear legitimate to unsuspecting buyers. Some rent houses to make it appear as if the puppies have grown up in a home environment, others post multiple adverts on internet listing sites while using separate mobile phones for each breed advertised to disguise the huge numbers they are selling.

To help people avoid unscrupulous breeders, RSPCA and Animal Welfare Foundation have created the Puppy Contract which gives people the best chance of getting a healthy, happy and well socialised puppy.

What can I do?

Unless there are changes to both legislation and people’s attitudes towards the breeding and buying of puppies, the problem will persist.

We can’t tackle this problem alone, everyone has a part to play, whether this be:

  • Getting pets spayed or snipped.
  • Adopting a dog or puppy from a rescue centre.
  • Make sure that if you’re buying a puppy, you use the Puppy Contract to help avoid unscrupulous breeders and have the best chance of getting a healthy, happy and well socialised puppy.
  • Join our calls for tougher laws and better enforcement to protect both Mum and pups.

Sign the RSPCA’s petition here: http://www.rspca.org.uk/getinvolved/


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