Take Action: Campaign to end wild animal circuses in Scotland

The analysis of a recent Scottish Government consultation on the use of wild animals in circuses showed 98% support among respondents in favour of a ban.

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Animal charity OneKind are now asking people to keep up the pressure for a ban and to email the Cabinet Secretary and MSPs.

The 98% result is a fantastic one and shows that public opinion is overwhelmingly on our side when it comes to consigning to history the outdated and cruel practice of exploiting wild animals in the name of entertainment.

Whilst there have been no wild animal circuses based in Scotland for a significant time, circuses with wild animals have toured to Scotland in recent years. Then, in late 2014, a big cat circus trainer moved his animals from England to a farm near Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. The move triggered an outcry from members of the public, animal welfare experts and parliamentarians alike and led to demands being made upon the Scottish Government to implement a ban as soon as possible.

In 2012 the UK Government introduced a draft bill to ban wild animals in circuses but since that time there has been no meaningful progress towards implementing the necessary legislation to outlaw the continued use of wild animals in circuses. Scotland now has a unique opportunity to lead the way in ending the exploitation of wild animals in circuses.

OneKind along with the Born Free Foundation want to see the Scottish Government implement an immediate ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. You can help make this a reality by sending an email to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs asking him to implement legislation to ban wild animals in circuses as soon as possible, and also your own MSP. who can press the Scottish Government to take action.

You can read the full consultation analysis here.

*** Sign the petition here: http://action.onekind.org/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=75&ea.campaign.id=40006&ea.url.id=427601 ***

Thank you for supporting this campaign and taking action to ban the use of wild animals in circuses.


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