Sainsbury’s issues new guide for cat owners

Following Sainsbury’s Bank’s recent release of their pet owners guide ‘Preparing for a New Dog’, the company has now come out with one for all you (and me!) cat owners.


Entitled, surprise surprise, Preparing for a New Cat, the guide features a bunch of useful info and tips for anyone thinking of introducing a furry feline into their home.

The booklet covers a range of areas including:

  • Are you ready to get a cat?
  • What type of cat?
  • Moggies or non-pedigrees
  • Pedigree
  • Choosing a kitten
  • Choosing an adult cat
  • What your cat will need
  • Bringing your cat home
  • Letting your cat explore
  • Letting your cat outside
  • Play and discipline
  • Protecting and looking after your cat

Worth checking out if you want some tips on how to ensure your cat is healthy and happy. Enjoy reading!

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