Gamekeeper in Angus rescues bird of prey

Glenogil Estate keeper Danny Lawson has successfully aided in the recovery of an injured red kite, and vets are confident the bird will fly again.

rescued red kite

Last month, Lawson released the raptor after it was left hanging upside down in a tree caught on a piece of string. Lawson had been informed by estate staff of the suspended bird and managed to free it by shooting at the offending branch, leaving the bird unharmed. He then untangled the injured wing and delivered the kite safely to the Thrums Veterinary Group in Kirriemuir. A fortnight of care later, vets claim the badly injured bird is recovering well and will fly again.

Gamekeeper Lawson said: “I received a call from the estate office to say there was a big bird that seemed to be stuck in a tree. When I arrived, I could see it was a kite and it was in a lot of distress because it was hanging by its wing from a branch. The only way to free the kite was to shoot further along the branch, which I managed to do, and the bird fluttered down, unharmed. It was alive but had blood on it and a few feathers missing from struggling. I am not a vet but I don’t think it would have survived long hanging upside down so I knew it was the right thing to do. I got it to the vet’s as quickly as I could. Thankfully it is recovering now.”

Director Chris Aitken of Thrums Veterinary Group is optimistic: “When the bird was brought in, it was thin and had broken skin wounds. It was x-rayed for breaks but the wounds were healing when we handed it over to be collected. It was in a good condition and was back perching and feeding and we are hopeful it will fly again.”

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