Happy Otter Awareness Day

Today we celebrate Otter Awaress Day, an opportunity to understand more about these wetland wonders. Did you know there are 13 species of otter in the world, and that they come under the Mustelid family along with badgers and wolverines?

Most of the species of otter out there are endangered. Otters face multiple threats including hunting, loss of habitat and poisoning. Yet otters are extremely social animals and even engage in various behaviors for sheer enjoyment, such as making waterslides and then sliding on them into the water.


Why not take some time out today to consider the fate of otters up and down the UK and maybe even find out more about how you can get involved in securing a future for this charismatic, important species: http://www.otter.org/howYouCanHelp.aspx

For a full list of global animal events taking place throughout the year please visit our Calendar

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