Happy Hedgehog Awareness Week

This week, the 4th – 10th May, we celebrate Hedgehog Awareness Week, organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to encourage us all to take a moment and appreciate the humble hedgehog.

We all know hedgehogs; they’re the adorable snuffly critters with the spiky fur that rummage around our hedges. But did you know the European hedgehog is actually a priority species on the UK’s Biodiversity Action Plan, due to its population declines in recent years?


Hedgehogs are also at high risk of death due to road collisions and garden tools. So the next time you go to trim back your garden hedges do something for hedgehogs – have a check first. You never know, there may even be a birds’ nest lurking in there.

If you do have a garden, why not celebrate Hedgehog Awareness Week by building a home for these adorable critters, as demonstrated by the RSPB: http://homes.rspb.org.uk/Page/project/hedgehoghome

For a full list of global animal events taking place throughout the year please visit our Calendar

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