Call for licensing of air guns in Scotland

The Scottish Parliament will soon have a full debate on proposals to licence air weapons in Scotland. Air weapons licensing could have a massive impact on reducing the number of cruel and callous attacks that are carried out on animals in Scotland.


The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) are asking people to take action by contacting MSPs. They are calling on people up and down the country to let their local MSP know that they are concerned about animals being killed and maimed with air guns, and to ask them to support the provision in the Air Weapons and Licensing Bill (Scotland) Bill to license air weapons.

Domestic cats are particular targets for air guns, and many owners have told LACS of the terrible injuries their cats have suffered, as well as how their pets being shot at makes them feel unsafe in their local communities.

The League Against Cruel Sports would also like to see people with convictions of animal cruelty and wildlife crime refused a licence, in the same circumstances that they are refused general licence permissions.

Stage 1 debate for the Bill is on 23rd April. Please support air gun licences, and help to stop many animals being targeted by thugs with air guns. To take action and contact your local MSP, please click this link:



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