What does your vote mean for animals?

In the run up to the general election, the pressure is on to ensure whoever is elected doesn’t forget about a voice for animals in the mess of all the other priorities facing the incumbent government(s).


To make sure we’re fully equipped when deciding how to vote, IFAW have come up with a short five question survey we can send to our local candidates, asking them where they stand on animal welfare. To send the questionnaire to those standing in your area, visit this link:


Just enter your postcode in the box to see a list of your local candidates for the General Election, and their responses to the critical questions IFAW ask of them. This will help ensure the person we vote for will work to protect British wildlife and endangered species and their habitats across the world, as well as marine animals such as whales and seals.

The five questions asked of MPs are:

1) If you were re/elected, would improving the welfare of animals be one of your top priorities?
2) Do you think that the UK should continue to lead international efforts to combat the illegal trade in endangered wildlife and wildlife products?
3) Do you support an end to commercial whaling?
4) Do you think the Hunting Act should remain in place?
5) Would you be likely to support initiatives to better protect native wildlife species?


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