‘End Taiji Now’ Protest Coming to London

The horrific annual dolphin slaughter in Japan continues to garner international outrage, and rightly so. Every year, pods of dolphins are corralled into a tiny cove in Taiji, where they are slaughtered in front of their relatives who are forced to continue swimming in their blood. The ‘lucky’ ones (although that term is debatable) are shipped off to aquariums such as the increasingly controversial Sea World, to be forced to perform tricks for unsuspecting fee-paying tourists.


This yearly blood bath is truly heartbreaking. Every single year we’re subjected to more pictures and footage of Japanese dolphin captors butchering their carcasses in the most inhumane, barbaric ways. The trauma, pain and fear the dolphins fear is palpable and quite why Japan refuses to do anything about this despite worldwide condemnation is mind boggling.

Despite countless pleas to the Japanese government by politicians, celebrities, members of the public and even ex-dolphin hunters, they continue to stick their fingers in their ears and their bloodied hands in the water, all for the sake of the almighty power they most follow: money.

Well, people are starting to say enough is enough. And this year for the first time, a group of protesters from a range of charities and pressure groups will come together in London on January 17th to send a strong, clear message to Japan right outside their own embassy. Over a thousand people are expected to attend and show the Japanese people that the world isn’t going to sit back and accept this, no matter how much they try and hide or deny what they’re clearly doing.

Organised by London Against the Dolphin Massacre, the protest will also feature the Born Free Foundation, Care for the Wild International and many more.

The protest begins in Cavendish square from 11am and will march from 12.30pm to Trafalgar Square through Central London.

For more information, visit the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1060275823988390/

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