Rally for Nature event against wildlife crime held tomorrow in London

Tomorrow, Tuesday 9th December, the League Against Cruel Sports will be joining forces with the Wildlife Trusts and RSPB at the Rally for Nature at Westminster in London.

One of the group’s key asks at the Rally will be for action to protect and restore wildlife by ending wildlife crime so that threatened species like hen harrier are able to fly free from harm at the hands of grouse shooters.


And it is not just hen harriers! It is a sad fact that the illegal persecution of birds of prey continues across the country. A recent Birdcrime report revealed 164 reports of shooting and destruction of birds of prey in the UK. This included the shooting of two hen harriers, two marsh harriers, five peregrines and 28 buzzards; plus 74 reported incidents of wildlife poisoning and pesticide-related offences.

These figures are believed to represent only a fraction of the illegal persecution taking place in the UK, with many incidents thought to be going undetected and unreported.

There is still time to register for the rally in London tomorrow. This is a great opportunity to speak to your MP face to face and join a chorus of voices that share your concerns for nature and wildlife.

In the meantime you can raise your voice against the spate of wildlife crimes taking place across the UK by contacting your MP today and telling them that wildlife crime is unacceptable and that more must be done to protect wildlife from those who wish to see it harmed.

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