Paws for Thought: 12 Reasons You May Never Want To Eat Turkey Again

As we’re now into December (I know, I can’t believe it either) the shops will be filling up in no time with plump white turkeys for families to take home and munch on. For some reason, turkeys seem to be so synonymous with Christmas that for many people it’s inconceivable to think a festive dinner could actually be made up of anything else. Up and down the UK turkeys are reared in appalling conditions, crammed in together and subjected to stress and pain, before being casually slaughtered and dumped on tables nationwide.


One worker describes his brief stint at a turkey hen breeding facility in Missouri: “The birds were terrified, and beat their wings and struggled in panic…Having been through this week after week, the birds feared the chute and bulked and huddled up. The drivers literally kicked them into the chute…”

This has to stop.

How about we all take a minute and spare a thought for these sentient, intelligent (yep, it’s true) creatures who never asked to be associated with this nonsensical festive tradition. This article shows some of the many ways in which turkeys have been found to be soft, tactile, clever and cute. Have a look at some of the videos of turkeys bonding with humans and if you still want to eat one of these birds at Christmas, then frankly you’re the biggest turkey of them all.

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