Happy National Black Cat Day!

Launched by the Cats Protection League, Black Cat Day aims to celebrate all that is wonderful about these beautiful creatures, while working to dispel many myths which still exist around black cats and their perceived unsuitability as loving pets.

Black cats have been associated with superstition and folklore for centuries and incredibly, many people still believe them to be unlucky. As a result, black cats are one of the hardest types of moggy to rehome and thousands of them languish in lonely adoption shelters up and down the country.


As I’m sure you’ll agree, black cats are amazing. Loving, gentle natured and endlessly entertaining, these stunning felines make a wonderful addition to any home. They also, from personal experience, make wearing dark clothes much more possible – they moult, but no one notices it. Ideal.

I’ve known many a black moggy in my time and they have all been just as special and unique as their multi coloured counterparts. So please take a moment to spare a thought for black cats, maybe tell someone you know how special they are, and if you can donate a few pounds please send it to the CPL so they can carry on protecting these magnificent animals.

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4 thoughts on “Happy National Black Cat Day!

  1. i agree! thanks for doing this! i always worry about my cat around this time of year. despite all the halloween fun, there are some parts of it that have me worrying for these little guys.


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