News: Parliamentary debate on pet shops set for today

Today, the House of Commons will enter into a Parliamentary debate on the issue of young dogs and cats being available to buy in pet shops. This debate follows on from last year’s e-petition by Pup Aid, which reached over 100,000 signatures.

Many UK animal organisations welcome the debate, with the Blue Cross stating that, “Many pets sold in pets shops are irresponsibly bred and taken away from their mothers too young. As a result they often suffer from serious life-threatening problems.”

Tricolour Border Collie pup

Puppy breeding farms are horrendous places for dogs and pups. Kept in dark environments, dogs receive very little socialisation and can often be riddled with diseases, many of which are the result of careless inbreeding. Puppies are then sold off to pet shops and bought by unsuspecting families, only to die shortly afterwards.

Meanwhile, thousands of dogs and cats are put to death every year due to overcrowding in animal shelters. Many of these abandoned animals are perfectly healthy, sociable, loving creatures who have simply had no chance for a happy life. A stark contrast to mass farmed pet shop animals, most of whom have been badly bred and received no social skills or experience. If more people took the time to research where their new pet has come from, many would probably rather have an animal from a shelter. However the trend for purchasing pets continues, with many people assuming as they are from a ‘reputable’ pet shop, appropriate animal welfare standards have been adhered to.

This debate is the first step on the road to outlawing puppy and kitten farming, and forcing pet shops to be held more accountable for where they source their ‘products’. To follow today’s debate as it happens, visit:

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2 thoughts on “News: Parliamentary debate on pet shops set for today

  1. Thank you for posting about this topic and providing the link to the parliament website. I’ve never seen that site before, it’s a great tool for reading the debates and seeing the different topics that are being discussed (the use of wild animals in circuses etc). I read about the pet shop issue with interest and I am pleased that so many members of the general public wrote letters in support of outlawing puppy and kitten farming. I hope that the local authorities will use their power to restrict animals, especially puppies, kittens and exotic pets being sold in pet shops. Where does the debate go from here?


  2. Hi Alex, yeah it’s pretty interesting once you start looking at all these sites! It absolutely is fantastic to see this issue gaining some real attention, but it’s all for nothing unless if encourages real change. As to where we go from here – it doesn’t seem there were any actual action points tabled, which is a shame. More info on what was said can be found here:

    I was actually in a pet shop yesterday which had a crate of tiny kittens for sale. Impossible to tell how old they were, or where they’d come from. I asked the pet shop owner how she had acquired them and she proudly told me she buys them from people “to stop them selling them on gumtree”. She said this as if she was doing some good deed… when really, people just call her up, say they have a bunch of kittens, and she buys them off them. She didn’t seem to get where I was coming from so I didn’t push the issues such as where the hell are the kittens’ parents. I asked her what happened to any kittens unsold and she said “it hasn’t happened, I’ve sold 40 this month already”. Totally missed the point. Just so, so sad for these little babies. The sooner this money making scam is made illegal, the better.


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