Take Action: EU Study on Welfare of Dogs and Cats in Commercial Practices

The European Commission has commissioned a “Study on the Welfare of Dogs and Cats Involved in Commercial Practices“, to collect and analyse information on European breeding, keeping and trade of dogs and cats, and import and export to third countries. The study focuses on the economic development of the sector, functioning of the EU internal market, protection of EU consumers (both from financial damage and health risks), and welfare of dogs and cats.

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Carried out by the IBF Consortium, the study is taking place now and will run until 6 February 2015. It covers a geographical scope based principally on European dog and cat populations and on the volumes of animals traded in the EU (as notified through TRACES), taking account of the main destination and dispatching countries for both dogs and cats. The UK is one country which has been selected for this study, along with Belgium, Italy, Spain and several more.

The study concerns the “welfare of dogs and cats involved in commercial practices”, which includes activities related to commercial breeding, keeping and distribution (domestic sale, intra-EU trade and import/export) of dogs and cats, including the adoption of stray animals (rescue centres) as well as retailing (pet shops and suppliers of goods), sheltering and boarding (kennels and catteries). It excludes related services such as veterinarians, dog trainers, sitters, walkers, and manufacturers of feed and equipment for dogs and cats. The study will concentrate on business operators having these activities as a main source of income, while not excluding other operators and non-profit organisations (e.g. NGOs engaged in stray dog and cat population control and adoption programmes) which may have an impact on this market.

Please help the EC to gather important information by participating in this easy, online survey. Your answers will be of great value for influencing legislation and decision making concerning dog and cat welfare in commerce across Europe.

Take the survey here: http://sancodogandcat.izs.it/limesurvey/index.php?r=survey/index/sid/962528/lang/en

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