Greyhound Bolt Gun Bus Campaign Set for Manchester

Earlier this month, a petition was circulated by C.A.G.E.D North West, asking you to vote against the use of captive bolt guns to destroy greyhounds in the  UK. Over 100,000 people have added their name to the cause, where each year over 10,000 ‘unaccounted for’ greyhounds in the racing industry are thought to be destroyed in this inhumane – yet preferred as economical – fashion.

The organisers of the campaign have now stepped it up even more, with a planned 20 buses set to run through the streets of Manchester for four weeks, featuring huge images of a fallen greyhound. The campaign will run from the 25th August for 4 weeks, in Oldham, Bury, Bolton and Queens road in Manchester and will feature 20 foot long posters reading ‘Greyhounds – Raced to Death’.


Hopefully this additional tactic, set to elicit even more public support and, hopefully, an out and out ban on these barbaric instruments, will have the desired effect. Everyone should know what goes on in this industry and how so many of these poor dogs are disposed of like mere commodities.

The first four people to see the buses and email a picture to will receive free goodies! If you’re in Manchester, why not send in some photos of the buses making their way across the streets? All photos received will be published on this site. Let’s get more people on board – pun intended – with this important campaign, and force a change that will see greyhounds at the very least given a respectful, humane send off.

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