RSPCA Campaign Survey: Should UK have harsher sentencing for cruelty cases?

The RSPCA are conducting a survey examining public opinion on the current maximum custodial sentences for animal cruelty. For violent acts of cruelty or severe neglect such as stabbing a cat or allowing a dog to starve to death, the maximum prison sentence available to magistrates under the Animal Welfare Act is 6 months imprisonment. However, with reduced sentences for pleading guilty and good behaviour, offenders rarely serve that long.

A recent investigation by Animal Law UK found that the UK has one of the lowest levels of punishment for animal cruelty cases. In the US for example, the maximum sentence imposed is 30 years, while Norway is three years and Sweden two.

Do you think the current level of sentencing in the UK is fair? Why? Why not? Please take a few minutes to tell the RSPCA what you think, and let’s get this ridiculous ‘punishment’ to become one which actually stands a chance of mattering.

To take the RSPCA’s survey, please visit this link:

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3 thoughts on “RSPCA Campaign Survey: Should UK have harsher sentencing for cruelty cases?

  1. Anyone convicted of animal cruelty/abuse/neglect should be fined then BANNED for life from every keeping an animal. If they can do it once they can do it again.


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