Happy World Cat Day!

Today, August 8th, it’s World Cat Day; a worldwide opportunity to celebrate all things feline.

The worldwide population of cats is estimated to be over 500 million. That’s 14 people to every cat, and one hell of a lot of hairballs.


The smallest species of cat is the rusty-spotted cat, found in India and Sri Lanka, while the largest is of course, the tiger –  which over the last 100 years has lost an incredible 93% of its historic range. Cats of all shapes and sizes are both revered and reviled across the world. Pampered by some, poached by others – almost everyone you meet has an opinion on kitty shaped critters.

But for today, let’s celebrate these amazing, hilarious, nutty little creatures – starting with taking a look at 15 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs.

I’d also like this opportunity to shamelessly show off my own fluffy feline, Crumble. Constantly entertaining and consistently adorable, I literally can’t imagine my life without her biting my feet and covering me in hair. If you have pictures of your own kitties, please do share them – a day filled with cat photos is a good day all round. And if you do have a kitty, give them an extra big hug today. World Cat Day is but once a year.

For a full list of global animal events taking place throughout the year please visit our Calendar

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