Sting of the Day: Horrific Sheep Conditions at University of Cambridge

A recent investigation by undercover BUAV staff has revealed sheep kept in horrific conditions in the name of ‘science’, at the University of Cambridge. The University, long known to be an experimenter on many kinds of animals, has now been found to be keeping sheep with sever injuries, blindness, and broken legs – all as a result of this so-called research.

The sheep, transported from New Zealand for this sole purpose, are being kept by the University in order to carry out testing for neurological disorders, including Batten’s disease and Huntington’s disease. Amongst the conditions discovered, one sheep suffered a broken leg at the hands of a staff member, who shoved her in a weighing ‘crush cage’. Another sheep, who had already had implants inserted into her brain, had to be euthanised when the implant was discovered to be faulty. Yet another was blinded as a result of the University’s research, and, despite also being found to have suffered extreme weight loss, was left in this condition for several days before finally being euthanised.

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One of the staff members uncovered in this investigation was already known to BUAV, having been previously caught carrying out horrendous experiments on over 200 mice without a Home Office license.

The University claims that it, “only uses animals in research where there are no alternatives,” and that all treatments are overseen by a Named Veterinary Surgeon. In spite of the University’s claims, it does beg the question where said veterinary surgeon was for the days the blind sheep left for days was left in agony. Finally, the University also claim that, “work involving animals of protected species [adheres to] high standards of humane care and treatment”. Presumably the fact sheep aren’t a protected species makes them exempt from this care.

The BUAV estimates that on average at least 115 million animals are used and killed worldwide in the name of science every year. They are asking for concerned members of the public to contact the Home Office Minister Norman Baker urging him to terminate the project licence for this sheep research at Cambridge University. Mr Baker can be contacted at The University of Cambridge can be contacted on or

We need to speak up, for the millions of animals who cannot. It’s bad enough these barbaric experiments continue, but until they are stopped completely we must at least ensure the poor creatures born to die receive the dignity and care they deserve. Surely that’s the very least we can do.

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3 thoughts on “Sting of the Day: Horrific Sheep Conditions at University of Cambridge

  1. It’s sad that a university tries to keep the truth about the animals they use a secret. Also here we have a well known university (the one I attended) that is known to work with primates, kept in complete isolation. When asked about it by animal rights organisations, they refuse to give an answer. In december 2014 there will be a meeting with these organisations, but the university I’m talking about already strongly opposes what they call ‘nazi comments’ on their work. They sure lack a sense of humour when people suggest they should use convicted murderers for their research instead.

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  2. So much for transparency in the name of science! Sadly the situation doesn’t seem to be improving. Yet we don’t see very many breakthroughs as a result of this treatment. Interesting report from Animal Aid about the use of animals by cancer charities, and how little progress has still actually been made despite this. Sad, dark world these creatures are held in.

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    • And that is certainly a strong argument that you give here and something I will keep in mind when doing research because I never even asked myself this question: what about the results?


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