Take Action: Help ‘World’s Saddest Animal’ – Polar Bear Trapped In The Desert

Arturo the polar bear lies slumped in Argentina’s Mendoza Zoo in the searing heat, battling temperatures of up to 40C/104F, reports the Sunday People.

Polar bears’ coats are thick and shaggy, designed to withstand the freezing Arctic temperatures. Arturo, however, will never see the Arctic. Instead, he sits in a concrete enclosure in the zoo with a tiny pool of water the only hint of his natural habitat.

Nicknamed ‘The World’s Saddest Animal’, Arturo’s 20 year long ordeal has celebrities and politicians lining up to try and save him, before it’s too late. So far the Argentinian government aren’t listening, but we won’t stop. As he continues to display zombie like tendencies, swaying, gnashing his teeth and lying still and miserable, groups across the world are trying to do all they can to save him from this desperate plight.

A petition launched on change.org already has an amazing 110,000 supporters. With this many voices, the Argentinian government have to start listening. To sign the petition and help try and save this beautiful bear, click here:


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