Critter Web Smiles: Cat Gets Help For Sick Owner By Knocking On Neighbour’s Window

A woman has hailed her cat a life-saver after the moggy alerted neighbours when she collapsed at home.

Former nurse Janet Rawlinson, 48, was left in a semi-comatose state for five days after suffering a bad reaction to morphine for her chronic back pain.

But normally timid tomcat Slinky Malinki came to her rescue by tapping on the window of next door neighbours Mel and Stephen Sharp with his paw to raise the alarm.

Mother-of-one Janet, from Cornholme, near Cliviger, said: “He saved my life. Without him I might not have made it.”

Her two-year-old pet has now been nomimated for a hero award at the Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards in London.

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