Update: STA Travel discontinue sale of Pamplona bull running tickets

STA Travel announced yesterday it was to cease the sale of all tickets to Pamplona’s bull running festival, following a high profile campaign by the League Against Cruel Sports. STA, who are bound by the rules of ABTA Animal Welfare tourism guidelines, had been selling tickets to the five day San Fermin festival.

The League’s CEO Joe Duckworth says, “We commend STA Travel for acting on compassion and ceasing its support of this abhorrent bull running festival. It’s just a shame that it took a public campaign, and that they are still to engage with us directly. “Bull running and bullfighting are sickeningly cruel and barbaric practices, with no place in a modern society. Tourism plays a major role in the continuation of cruel sports and exploitation of animals around the world, and we will continue to remind travel companies of their responsibility to animals in tourism.”

Well done to everyone who signed up to the League’s e-campaign or contacted STA directly. We did it!

To watch the League’s Pamplona video featuring the infamous ‘running of the bulls’, click here:

bull video

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