Take Action: Legislate Air Gun Ownership in Scotland

The League Against Cruel Sports and SSPCA are calling for tougher legislation on air gun ownership in Scotland, following a spate of attacks on animals – including pets.

The League are asking supporters to contact their local MP and request that they back compulsory licensing for air gun owners, in a move to bring tighter controls and identification around this horrific practice and those carrying it out.

On a personal level, I fail to understand the need for air guns to begin with. The majority of cases where animals have been shot and wounded involve pet dogs, cats, badgers and even livestock. It’s hardly the same argument America trots out when it yet again heralds its ‘right’ to bear arms. There is no need for protection against anything in Scotland that would require an air gun. It’s not as if these gun owners are defending themselves against giant bears or fending off rabid crocodiles. We’re talking, for the most part, cats. People’s pets.

Air gun owners, in my opinion, have absolutely no need for these weapons. As with a lot of things, they’re kept because of the false belief they bring some sort of status and power – and apparently the more fluffy, defenceless household pets you kill, the more of a warrior you are.

In an ideal world, air guns would be outlawed completely. They have absolutely no place in our society. However, until the day comes when the government decides to take its head out of the sand with regards to animal welfare in this country, the people responsible for these crimes currently have zero liability attached to them. They pull the trigger and walk off. This has to stop. And for now, the most effective way to discourage these trigger happy morons is to ensure they are licensed and accountable. Let’s see how many cats they go after then.




One thought on “Take Action: Legislate Air Gun Ownership in Scotland

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