Become a Wildlife Aid volunteer

Have you ever wanted to get involved in wildlife in a hands-on, mucking in, making a difference kind of way? Of course you have – it’s one of the reasons you’re reading this now. Organisations up and down the UK offer a wide variety of positions from novice to expert, all with their individual array of fluffy and feathered critters just waiting for your help.

Of course, any one of these organisations is a viable option for anyone considering a career in wildlife conservation, animal welfare, or for those of you who’d just like to lend a paw in your spare time. When I think back on my career in animal welfare, some of my most memorable experiences have come from the precious spare time I spent helping the incredible charities which work tirelessly for our animals. For most charities, volunteers are absolutely crucial and play an integral part of key work programmes. Charities rely on people like us to commit what time and skills we can, and the rewards really are immeasurable.

Wildlife Aid is an organisation based in Surrey, who are currently advertising for wildlife volunteers. A variety of roles are on offer, from animal care duties to community engagement events. If you have some spare time to offer and you’d like to help the creatures of Surrey, please visit their volunteering info page for more information. The critters will thank you more than the charity ever could.




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